Frequently Asked Questions

While we typically purchase loan pools less than $40 million, we will consider any pool size, including one offs.  Although we actively acquire single loans and one-offs, we occasionally require minimum subset awards from larger pools.

Although we specialize in sub and non-performing acquisitions our experienced team of servicers allow us to capitalize on performing and re-performing obligations as well.

No, we have regionally-based employees and experts that allow us to consider loans and collateral in markets across the United States. This provides for a fair and accurate assessment of local and regional market values to our sellers.

Our capital comes from Redwood Capital Investments, a private investment firm. As an investor with access to permanent capital, we are able to provide quick and efficient transaction execution with price integrity and certainty of closure.

Our full staff of in-house underwriting, valuation, legal, and environmental teams allow us to provide well-researched bids with a high degree of price integrity. Depending on the seller’s needs and circumstances, we can provide firm bids with no due diligence contingencies or indicative bids that are subject to further due diligence (e.g. tax and title review, site inspection, contract terms).

As a direct capital source, we are able to move very quickly from sourcing to closing  transactions to meet the seller’s timelines. Timelines can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the seller’s needs as well as the completeness of the seller’s due diligence files.

All of our commercial real estate and small business loan portfolios are serviced in-house. Our full-service staff allows for a seamless transfer of administration and management, helping to protect our sellers’ reputations and potential existing customer base. Our residential loans are serviced by a third-party residential servicer.

While not typically a reseller, we occasionally sell portfolios of, primarily, longer-term performing obligations.

With our extensive experience, we are able to effectively consider all property classes, including some of those typically less favored such as land, churches, gas and convenience stores, hospitality, and restaurants. Beltway Capital Management is unique in that we can acquire and service a broad range of products including commercial, residential, C&I, and, in some cases, REO assets.

Beltway is an approved investor in FHA, USDA, and VA residential mortgage loans and also acquires certain SBA commercial loans.

We are proud of our reputation and the relationships we have built with sellers, servicers, legal, title, and other professional groups. We are happy to provide references and contacts from our many repeat counterparties.