Target Markets

Beltway Capital acquires a broad spectrum of under-performing and performing loans nationwide from banks and other financial institutions.

Residential Loans

Beltway Capital seeks pools of sub-performing, non-performing, and performing loans secured by residential mortgage loans in all parts of the United States.

Business Asset Loans

For commercial and industrial loans, the target market for Beltway Capital is senior secured debt of non-public middle market companies with the following characteristics:

  • Manufacturing, distribution, and business services
  • Relationship size between $1 million and $25 million
  • Broken capital structures, not broken companies

Loan structures purchased include single lender assets, lead assets in syndications, or co-lender assets in syndications. While having a preference for revolving loan and term debt, Beltway Capital will also consider on a selective basis mezzanine debt and subordinated debt with equity rights.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Beltway Capital invests in loans secured by a wide variety of commercial real estate including unusual and difficult to value asset types. Loans will often include a mix of real estate and business assets. Loans may be non-recourse or recourse. Individual loans vary in size from less than $1 million to in excess of $15 million. Beltway Capital prefers to invest in portfolios of commercial real estate loans but will consider one-off transactions on a select basis nationwide.